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Helix® Oxford Maths Set Tin - Assorted Colours



PinkGreen CamoPink CamoPink/Green Clash

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The Helix® Traditional Oxford Maths Set

This Helix Maths Set contains a selection of essential mathematical instruments great for use in the classroom.

- Available in a variety of stylish different colours.

- Clear plastic 15cm/6in ruler  with matching 180º protractor  for measuring and drawing lines and angles.

45º & 60º set squares for creating fixed 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles.

- Metal self centring compass with safety point and 9cm HB pencil, for ease drawing arcs and circles.

- Handy PVC free eraser  and pencil sharpener  with safety screw.

- Lettering stencil  & timetable / fact sheet

- Supplied in a metal embossed tin

Green camo, Pink camo, clash Blue / Yellow, clash Pink / Green, limited edition design 


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